FTLA Certification

The Futurist Institute exclusively confers the FLTA designation. The FLTA is the only designation in the world that certifies its recipients have achieved significant professional success and have completed rigorous training to acquire the skills necessary to be futurists, and to earn our unique designation.

Futurist and Long-Term Analyst

FLTA recipients are leaders in their fields, and they have made tremendous progress in establishing themselves as futurists. The Futurist Institute helps analysts build the skills to see the longer term and become effective futurists.

For more information about becoming a Certified Futurist™ email: FLTA@futuristinstitute.org


In order to receive the designation you must apply after passing the final exam.

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • 3 Years Work Experience
  • Background Check
  • Resume Submission
  • Disclosure Form

Passing the final exam and submitting the application does not guarantee that you will receive the the Certified Futurist™ and FLTA™ designation. The Certified Futurist designation is awarded entirely at the discretion of The Futurist Institute. Continuing education may be required to maintain the designation. The Certified Futurist™, Futurist and Long-Term Analyst™, and FLTA™ designations may be revoked at any time for any reason at the sole discretion of The Futurist Institute.

Upon Successful Completion of the Certified Futurist™ Program

Use your new title as a Certified Futurist™ and your Futurist and Long-Term Analyst™ or FLTA™ designation:

  • On your business card to highlight your skills.
  • In a press release to promote your business.
  • With speaking agents and bureaus, who pay you to speak.
  • With organizations that require you to earn valuable continuing education hours.
  • On your LinkedIn profile and on other social media.
  • On your website to impress potential clients.
  • On your letterhead and email signature

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All companies will be affected by coming technological advancements, which will drive the professional demand for Futurists, who can share and shape corporate strategy designed to leverage future changes in technology.

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Gain valuable skills to help you drive change and find upside – even as technology threatens to turn parts of our professional lives upside down. Understand future opportunities and risks, to develop a path forward for your company, your industry, and yourself!

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