Consulting and Advisory

The Futurist Institute® offers an array of in-person training programs and services including our in-person Certified Futurist™ training program, customized one-day programs on specific topics, and event speeches. Let us help you prepare for the future!

Lead the future.


The Futurist Institute® performs full-scale consulting projects to help companies, governments, and other organizations plan for uncertainty in the future, including ways to thrive in disruption and mitigate negative outcomes. We have performed consulting projects on technology strategies, market dynamics, trade risks, and demand drivers for technology companies, government entities, professional services firms, CPG companies, manufacturing companies, and material handling industries. Chairman of The Futurist Institute®, Jason Schenker, has been directing consulting projects since 2007 when he was a Risk Specialist with McKinsey and Company.

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Board Advisory

Every corporate board should be futureproof. This is why corporate board leaders of today need to be futurists to help shape their organization’s future for the long run. The Futurist Institute® supports executive leaders and corporate boards, with presentations, bespoke research, and by facilitating strategic discussions. Jason Schenker, Chairman of The Futurist Institute®, sits on multiple boards and has been a Governance Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors since 2017.

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The Futurist Institute® includes special training topics to help organizations plan for an uncertain future and seize opportunities while averting risks. Special training topics include: Futurist Masterclass, Preferred Futures, The Future of Business, National Security Futures, Scenario Identification and Mapping, Futurist Strategies, Signals & Trends, Future Risks and Opportunities, Futureproof Board Strategies, Futureproof Supply Chain Strategies, the Future of Finance, and the Future After COVID.

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Do you need a speaker on future trends, the future of work, and other futurist topics? The Chairman of The Futurist Institute®, Jason Schenker, gives in-person presentations throughout the year at corporate board meetings, executive committee offsites, company conferences, trade events, and industry group conferences. He has given over 1,000 speeches throughout the United States and all over the world to groups as diverse as the London Metal Exchange, the Singapore Exchange, Cargill, Disney, Hitachi, Accenture, and NATO.

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