The Futurist Institute® was founded in 2016 to help analysts become futurists by providing the content and context to take longer-term views on business opportunities, risk management, markets, and the economy.  The Futurist Institute® confers the Futurist and Long-Term Analyst™ (FLTA®) designation and helps analysts become Certified Futurists™.

Jason Schenker

Jason Schenker is the world’s top ranked Financial Market Futurist. He is the Chairman of the Futurist Institute® and the President of Prestige Economics. Mr. Schenker advises executives, corporate boards, public corporations, private companies, central banks, and governmental bodies. As the Chairman of the Futurist Institute®, Mr. Schenker has been the driving force behind creating a professional certification program to help analysts and economists become futurists. He also leads in-person futurist training courses, gives speeches on futurist topics, and he directs forecasting, risk management, scenario planning, and strategic consulting projects of The Futurist Institute®.

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Businesses and entire industries have died at the hands of technology. And yet, other industries have appeared out of nowhere to boom! Designed to help you be prepared for future changes, our Certified Futurist™ and FLTA® designation prepares you for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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Corporate Vision Education and Training Awards: Best Futurist Education & Training Provider 2020

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