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The Futurist Institute® includes special training topics to help organizations plan for an uncertain future and seize opportunities while averting risks. We help every aspiring leader become a futurist.

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Futurist Masterclass

This masterclass helps you think like a futurist and identify critical trend and technology levers to help your organization thrive, while managing downside risks. Content in this session draws on numerous courses of The Futurist Institute®’s award-winning training program, including Futurist Fundamentals. This session focuses on what a futurist is, how to craft strategy for uncertain future outcomes, and how to identify levers of opportunity, disruption, and change.

Preferred Futures

This session helps you make your preferred future come to fruition. The future can play out in many different ways. But companies, organizations, and governments often have a preferred future they want to see become reality. This session helps attendees envision their preferred future and identify the levers and actionable strategies to make it happen.

The Future of Business

The Future of Business will be impacted by change and disruption. Being prepared is the best way to capitalize on upside opportunities and manage downside risks. This session helps you envision the most important changes ahead for the future of business, including technological, demographic, and other changes. And you will learn how to prioritize the opportunities and risks ahead.

National Security Futures

There are significant risks for national security in the future. Technology, demographics, and other factors threaten to increase uncertainty and instability. Democratization of technology is occurring at a rapid pace, driving down costs while increasing the distribution of disruptive capabilities that impact current and future operating environments.

Scenario Identification & Mapping

Mapping a path to the future is important, as is laying out a set of potential scenarios. This session will help you craft future scenarios, while identifying critical levers and factors that map to those scenarios. Content from this session comes from workshops created for the Certified Futurists of The Futurist Institute®.

Futurist Strategies

Think like a futurist and engage in strategic planning to counter uncertainty. Preparing effectively for an uncertain future with a strategy and an approach that are informed by facts, data, and quantitative analysis. In this session, you’ll also learn how to craft and share futurist strategies that resonate with stakeholders, as well as how to get buy-in that results in meaningful impact.

Signals & Trends

Before disruptive trends manifest, they start out as weak signals. Identifying between trends and signals, as well as factors that convert signals to trends are important for developing futurist strategies. While some signals will precede trends, and other signals will fade, many are at risk of hype locust dynamics.

Future Risks and Opportunities

Every potential change brings both risks and opportunities. In this session attendees learn how to assess the future impacts of disruptive technologies, innovations, trends, and other factors. This session includes a focus on strategic levers to capture upside and thrive no matter what the future may bring.

Futureproof Board Strategies

Technology is rapidly becoming a core competency of every company. In other words, every company is becoming a tech company. This means that every board member is essentially a tech board member and needs to approach technology and trend dynamics of the future like a futurist. In this session, board members learn how to make their company futureproof, by thriving in disruption and capturing upside opportunities, while mitigating and averting downside risks.

Futureproof Supply Chain Strategies

Supply chain industries have been forced to embrace technological changes in recent years. The promise of e-commerce and the need for automation have been the most important catalysts of change. This session includes an examination of the biggest challenges and changes ahead for supply chain, material handling, and logistics. This session draws on the book, Futureproof Supply Chain, as well as The Futurist Institute® course The Future of Transportation.

The Future of Finance

Finance is an industry at the forefront of technological adoption. As new technologies emerge, finance is likely to remain at the forefront of adoption because of the high ROI those technologies can bring to the field. Identify long-term trends to assess new permutations of old technologies as well as emerging weak signals that could shape finance opportunities and risks in the decade ahead and beyond.

The Future After COVID

The future of work, business, finance, and so much more have changed following the COVID-19 pandemic. This session helps attendees prepare for a future of disruption and changes following the pandemic. This session draws on the course from The Futurist Institute® on The Future After COVID as well as the international bestselling book of the same name.

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