The Future of Finance

Financial Technology, or FinTech, refers to technological innovations in the financial services industry. New technologies have allowed for a democratization of services, a disintermediation of service costs, and a more user-friendly financial services experience. The Future of Finance course fosters a broad understanding of FinTech, by discussing current trends, and sharing a vision of what the Future of Finance might look like.


Changes in traditional banking and financial services are likely to necessitate new fields of legal practice, new laws, and new regulations.

Accounting & Tax Professionals

Because of FinTech innovations, client records are likely to be increasingly digital for payments, transfers, investments, income, and expenses.

Financial Planning Professionals

FinTech is increasingly important for investing, portfolio management, cash management, payments, and client interactions. FinTech innovations are also disruptive for the careers of financial planning, banking, and other financial services professionals.


  • Develop a broad understanding of the various aspects of Financial Technology Developments and Fintech.
  • Become familiar with the current trends in Financial Technology and to understand their impacts on traditional financial services, banking, investing, payments, and digital currencies.
  • Establish a vision of what the future of Fintech might look like and how that would affect businesses.


01. Introduction
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02. Fundamentals of Fintech
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03. Payments
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04. Digital Currencies
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05. Bitcoin
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06. Blockchain
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07. Crowdfunding
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08. Robo-Advising
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09. Banks
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10. Looking Forward: Opportunities and Risks
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11. Conclusion
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12. Bonus Video: The Promise of Blockchain
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