Changes in traditional banking and financial services are likely to necessitate new fields of legal practice, new laws, and new regulations.

Accounting & Tax Professionals

Because of FinTech innovations, client records are likely to be increasingly digital for payments, transfers, investments, income, and expenses.

Financial Planning Professionals

FinTech is increasingly important for investing, portfolio management, cash management, payments, and client interactions. FinTech innovations are also disruptive for the careers of financial planning, banking, and other financial services professionals.

National Security

The Future of Finance will be critical for national security. As technological changes come to the field of finance, the challenges for stopping bad actors are likely to increase. But the means to hinder bad actors could also make significant strides forward.


Consulting professionals will increasingly have to address changes in the future of finance. Having a vision for the Future of Finance will be critical to supporting consulting client engagements and being a trusted thought partner.

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