The Future of Transportation

Transportation is one of the biggest industries in the world, and recent technological developments have the potential to disrupt transportation at every level. Self-driving cars and drones are gaining ground, while some future technologies - like the Hyperloop - could fundamentally change the transport of physical goods and people. The Future of Transportation course takes an in-depth look at the transportation industry, recent technological impacts on the industry, and establishes a vision of what the Future of Transportation might look like.


New laws and regulations could be required to deal with innovations and changes in transportation.

Accounting & Tax Professionals

Accounting and tax professionals need to be aware that transportation innovations could lead to major changes in the fundamental tax treatment of vehicles, jobs, and fuel.

Financial Planning Professionals

Innovations in the transportation industry present tremendous opportunities, but also tremendous risks to the economy, to society, and to investment portfolios.


  • Have a broad understanding of the various aspects of Transportation Technology Developments that could prove disruptive.
  • Be familiar with how the current trends in Transportation Technology could impact traditional transport, logistics, and shipping.
  • You should have a vision of what the future of transportation might look like and how that would affect you, your company, and other businesses.


01. Introduction
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02. Fundamentals of Transportation
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03. The Hyperloop
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04. Self-Driving Vehicles
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05. Drones
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06. Other New Technology
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07. Conclusion
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