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Technology has fundamentally changed the way we work and live. And more changes lie ahead. Analysts, consultants, and strategists need to know how future technologies could fundamentally impact their businesses, their clients, and their own professional development. Our in-person and online Certified Futurist and Long-Term Analyst™ (FLTA®) certification and training programs prepare you for the opportunities and challenges ahead as a Certified Futurist™.


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Become Futureproof with our online training program

  • Includes eleven courses.
  • 15+ hours of instruction, exams, and workshops.
  • Complete at your own pace.
  • Eligible for continuing education requirements.
  • Become a Certified Futurist and Long-Term Analyst™ and receive the FLTA® designation.
  • Access to six workshops on unlocking the value of the FLTA® designation after successful completion of the FLTA® program.
  • The Future of Work Personality Preference Assessment after successful completion of the FLTA® program.
Corporate Vision Education and Training Awards: Best Futurist Education & Training Provider 2020


Get Certified in One of Six Professional Tracks

Businesses and entire industries have died at the hands of technology. And yet, other industries have appeared out of nowhere to boom! Designed to help you be prepared for future changes, our Certified Futurist™ and FLTA® designation prepares you for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Benefits of our training program to become a Certified Futurist

Become a Thought Leader

Develop a compelling worldview of the impact technological changes will have on the economy, society, and your profession. Learn the best ways to use data, share your outlook, and generate buy-in for your vision.

Get Hired by Top Companies

All companies will be affected by coming technological advancements, which will drive the professional demand for Futurists, who can share and shape corporate strategy designed to leverage future changes in technology.

Maximize your

Gain valuable skills to help you drive change and find upside – even as technology threatens to turn parts of our professional lives upside down. Understand future opportunities and risks, to develop a path forward for your company, your industry, and yourself!

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