Futurist Fundamentals

Technology innovations are disruptive and they are a critical part of business development and economic advancement. Massive technological changes threaten to change finance, data, transportation, and the future of work. Any industry that is profitable is at risk of disruption. Futurist Fundamentals helps you develop a vision of how the future will impact you and your profession, and it shows you how to plan your career as a Futurist to stay ahead of the robots.

Become a futurist.


As technology changes, new laws will be written, existing laws will be changed, and the interpretation of some laws will change.

Accounting & Tax Professionals

Advancements in automation, FinTech, and data analysis will be critical for the accounting profession -- and for changes in tax policy.

Financial Planning Professionals

Technological advancements are disrupting traditional financial services and financial planning. While disruptive technologies present investment opportunities, they also embody potential losses for industries being disrupted.

National Security

National security will change as technology changes, and having a view on future technological innovations and disruptions will be increasingly critical for thinking strategically about the biggest challenges ahead.


As new and emerging technologies disrupt more and more industries and businesses, understanding the potential future impacts will be critical for supporting consulting client engagements and being a trusted thought partner.


  • Understand what futurists do, and what skills you need to become a futurist. And to help you become familiar with the three parts of being a futurist: economic history, data and analysis, as well as future technology.
  • Establish a vision of what the future might look like across a number of technological fields -- and how those technologies could affect you personally and professionally, as well as how it is likely to impact your company and other businesses.
  • Plan out your own career as a futurist – in light of changes in future technology.


01. Introduction - Become A Futurist
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02. Historical Context
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03. The Importance of Data
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04. The Future of Data
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05. The Future of Work
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06. The Future of Transportation
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07. The Future of Finance
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08. Conclusion
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How I Think About the Future: Trends and Spikes

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