Changes in the Future of Work could require entirely new legal fields, as well as drastic changes in current labor legislation and employment tax policies.

Accounting & Tax Professionals

Some parts of the accounting process are going to be almost entirely automated in the Future of Work. Taxation changes regarding payroll taxes and entitlements are also something to watch out for.

Financial Planning Professionals

Changes in the Future of Work present opportunities for high returns, but they can also have high risk. You need to be able to understand the coming changes, especially since financial planning is a key profession already being disrupted by changes in technology.

National Security

Changes in the Future of Work will be very important for national security. More automation is coming, but people will actually become a more critical part of national security as technological leverage increases.


One of the biggest challenges ahead for most corporations is preparing for the Future of Work in a time of increasingly accelerating disruptive technologies. Having a vision for the Future of Work is critical to supporting consulting client engagements and being a trusted thought partner.

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