The Future of Leadership

The core attributes of leadership will need to be adaptive as disruptive technologies impact industries, professions, and society at large. The need to build skills, be seen as a leader, and be able to manage people, data, and robots will be critical in the future of leadership. Building high levels of competence in multiple areas, perpetual learning, and mentorship will be critical parts of leadership as the workforce evolves.


  • Understand the critical elements of a successful business in a world of increased technology disruption.
  • Understand leadership requirements in a world with an evolving workforce.
  • Know the critical learning requirements to be a successful leader.
Lead the future.


01. Introduction
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02. Elements of Success
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03. Technology
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04. Media
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05. Subscription
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06. Future Workforce
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07. Future Learning
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08. Spikes
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09. Iterations
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10. Conclusion
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How I Think About the Future: Trends and Spikes

This excerpt from The Journal Of Character & Leadership Development contains an interview with The Futurist Institute's Jason Schenker, including his thoughts on preparing for future conflict.

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