The Future of Data

Businesses have an incredible opportunity to leverage data to their advantage, but only if they can harness the power of that data to yield real, valuable, and actionable insights. This course examines some of the hottest trends in data, including The Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and Big Data. The Future of Data explains what these terms mean, and how they could impact you. This course also illustrates proper data collection and analysis process management, and how to effectively present your data.


Using and presenting data correctly can give you a big advantage in the legal profession.

Accounting & Tax Professionals

Accessing more (and potentially disbursed) client data will become increasingly critical for accounting and tax professionals.

Financial Planning Professionals

Using data is critical for presenting a compelling and accurate financial picture when dealing with clients.

National Security

Data supremacy will be a critical precondition for the future of national security. Consistent and effective data process management will become a more critical part of the Future of Data as technologies make more complicated analysis and AI an increasingly possible reality.


Data is at the core of consulting analysis. The drive to valuable implications for clients can only be made with the right data, the right tools, and an effective process.


  • Have a complete understanding of key buzzwords surrounding data.
  • Grasp how to fully and properly conduct data collection and analysis in line with industry best practices.
  • Be able to more effectively and efficiently present your data.


01. Introduction
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02. Data 101
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03. Data that Doesn't Help
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04. Data Visualization
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05. Internet of Things
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06. Big Data
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07. Machine Learning
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08. Artificial Intelligence
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09. Data Process Management
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10. Data Process Management II
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11. Communicating Your Vision
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12. Conclusion
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